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Howard’s Folly labels, designed by Joanna Brito Avó, feature works of art submitted to the annual Sovereign Art Foundation Awards from either Europe or Asia. Each year the label will feature a different work of art produced by one of the finalists of the Sovereign Art Foundation Asian or European prizes.

See www.SovereignArtFoundation.com for further details on these increasingly important art awards.

The 2005 vintage

The 2005 vintage carries an image of a painting by Andrea Medjesi-Jones called ‘H’. Andrea graduated from Goldsmith College, London. Andrea was selected for new British Painting park II at the John Hansard Gallery, Southampton. She was included in the Art Review’s (2004) publication London’s top 25 New Artists, as well as being featured in The Times (2004) as one of the young artists to watch. Her most recent exhibitions include a solo show at Flowers Central in Court Street, London and a group show at Cell Project Space. Other exhibitions include London Art Fair 2006 and a solo at Toni Heath Gallery. Andrea’s work explores the area where the scientific and the aesthetic over-lap. In her painting deformed particles flip between microscopic and deep space, creating a futuristic fusion of technology and biology. ‘H’ explores the physical extremes of molecules and atoms in order to build its own links of nuclear reactions. The layers of spray paint mimic the power of nuclear fusion and resemble celestial explosions fuelled with energy and movement.

See www.andreamedjesjones.com for more details.

The 2006 vintage

HF2006 vintageThe 2006 vintage carries a piece by Patricia Millns and is called Message Sequence 1. Patricia trained in the UK and has since travelled extensively in the Middle East. She has represented the UK at the Cairo and Sharjah biennales and at the fourth World Congress of Women in Beijing in 1995. She has exhibited prodigiously throughout the Middle East and in the UK where her Oman Talisman Sequence was exhibited at the Royal Commonwealth Society as part of ‘Mutuality’s: Britain and Islam’. Her work is included in many prominent public and private collections and the Royal Collection of Jordan.

See www.patriciamillns.com for more details.

The HF 2007 Reserve

uk_hf2007reslabelThe 2007 Reserve label carries an image of a painting called ‘Sweetspots’ from Martina Navratilova’s and Juraj Kraiik’s Art Grand Slam project. This piece was kindly donated by Martina to The Sovereign Art Foundation and was displayed and auctioned as part of The sovereign European Art Prize 2008. Art Grand Slam is the result of the cooperation between Martina and Czechoslovak born artist Juraj Kralik who Martina met during the 2000US open. The art is created with a tennis theme using tennis equipment and paint and other mediums. Martina often describes herself as “the brush” directed by Juraj and the results of the collaboration are novel and striking – literally.

See www.artgrandslam.org

Howard’s folly reserva 2008

For 2008 we asked Xu Bing to create the label. Xu Bing is one of China’s foremost and innovative artists and invented “New English Calligraphy”. At first sight the label appears to be Chinese characters but on closer examination it can be seen that English letters are stylistically arranged to spell out the words “Howard’s” and “Folly”.

See www.xubing.com

HF Sonhador 2008

The image on the from label is a reproduction of the work “It Begins From Nowhere” by Jihyan Kim a finalist in the Sovereign Asian Art Prize.

see www.SovereignArtFoundation.com



HF Sonhador 2011

Sonhador 2011aThe image on the front label is a reproduction of the work Muta-morphosis #83 Izmir, Turkey by Murat Gemen a finalist in the Sovereign Art Prize 2013.

See www.SovereignArtFoundation.com



HF Sonhador Alvarinho 2011

The image on the front label is a reproduction of the work “Dali is Not Crazy” by Chris Wake and was a finalist in the  charity Sovereign Art Prize 20o8.

See www.SovereignArtFoundation.com



HF Sonhador Alvarinho 2012

Sonhador Alvarinho 2012The image on label is a reproduction of the work “Natural Wonder” by Marc Standing, a finalist of Sovereign Asian Art Prize 2012.

See www.SovereignArtFoundation.com


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