Howard’s Folly brings wine, art and charity even closer

November 23, 2020

This year’s new releases boast labels painted by children supported by the Sovereign Art Foundation.

Lisbon, November 2020 – With the launch of  their latest vintages – the Sonhador Branco 2019, Sonhador Tinto 2016,  their very first Rosé, the 2019, and the soon to be released, and very much anticipated, Alvarinho 2018 -, Howard’s Folly has brought the charitable aspect of its project even closer to home, highlighting its link to The Sovereign Art Foundation with labels drawn by the children it supports.

Wine, art and charity are the Alentejo winery’s three pillars. The urban winery, located in the city of Estremoz, is well known for its artistic connections, featuring contemporary works of art by international artists throughout its rooms, lounge and restaurant, and having recently inaugurated an art gallery in one of the large building’s towers. 

The charitable aspect of the project, up until now, consisted of supporting The Sovereign Art Foundation – an institution Howard’s Folly founder, Howard Bilton, holds very close to his heart -, by donating part of the revenues from wine sales to the institution and running The Sovereign Art Foundation’s Asia.

Having lived in Asia for many years, the Yorkshireman witnessed first-hand the trauma children of the streets endure in countries such as Vietnam and Cambodia. Realising that art could be used as a form of therapy for these youngsters, he founded the charity in 2003, with a well-defined twin focus: to recognise contemporary art talent around the world and bring the proven benefits of expressive arts to disadvantaged children.

Every year, The Sovereign Asian Art Prize winner’s work is featured on a label. However, this year, Howard Bilton decided to bring the charity’s work to life on the bottles by featuring the work of children who took part in one of its rehabilitation programmes.

With these wines – two whites, a rosé and a red (all of which are € 12.00 a bottle) -, wine-lovers will not only be buying excellent vintages, produced by award-wining Australian winemaker David Baverstock in the Portalegre area, but also helping children in need.

The Sovereign Art Foundation currently helps children in Asia and will soon also support children in Europe. Howard Bilton is currently working on setting up the same system in Portugal, in order to give back to the community he is now part of.

For several years now SAF has run a Portuguese Schools Prize designed to encourage art within schools in Portugal”, explains Howard Bilton. This prize has been largely focussed on schools in the Algarve but there are now plans to greatly expand this to the whole of Portugal.  Recently the finalists of the 2020 Portuguese Schools Prize were shown at the art gallery in the winery.