Our Winery

We've built the first urban winery in Portugal!

Based in the beautiful and historic town of Estremoz, we converted a heritage building into a state-of-the-art winery. We use smaller tanks to take advantage of higher fruit quality and keep wine batches separate so that we can make more reserve, varietal and super premium wines.


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Visiting Estremoz

A historic city with a castle, museums, churches and delightful restaurants serving local food and wines, Estremoz has a well-deserved reputation as a favourite with tourists.

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Our Vineyards

There are 342 different grape varieties permitted in Portugal of which 250 are indigenous. We use local varietals either blended or occasionally on their own.

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Portalegre Vineyards

Our main vineyard is 7 hectares of 20-25 year old vines in Portalegre, deep in the Alentejo countryside, where the climate is cooler. This allows us to make wines with superior freshness, elegance and finesse.

We have contracts with many local farmers who have small plots of ancient vines producing complex, low-yielding and intense mixes of different grape varieties. We use these grapes to make super premium single vineyard wines or blends of supreme quality.

Melgaço Vineyards

We make our Alvarinho in the far north west of Portugal in the Monção and Melgaço region, well known for producing the best Portuguese white Alvarinho grapes.

Our Grape Varietals

We grow six main varietals in our vineyards:


Provides structure and body to wine, with high tannins and concentrated flavours of black fruit.


Responsible for some of the darkest full-bodied red wines in the world. It has dark fruit flavors from sweet blueberry to savory black olive.


Makes rich, lively red wines that combine elegance and robustness, copious berry fruit and spicy flavour.


Fresh red berry characteristics with dense colour, firm tannins and good acidity.


Yields great wines with excellent acidity, soft tannins and abundant, intense aromas of black plum and jammy blackberry. These wines are often elegant and well balanced.


The finest white grape in Vinho Verde, exhibiting floral qualities and sweet citrus notes balanced with acidity and minerality.

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